Valentine’s Pale Pink Rose Bouquet

Pale pink rosesI love these pale pink roses. The outer petals are so pale they almost look white. Something different from the sea of red I’ve been seeing everywhere the days leading up to Valentine’s day.

I found the vase several days ago while out running some errands. It was love at first sight, and to further brighten my day, it was on sale. It’s meant to be a candle holder, but I knew it would be perfect as a vase. And how right I was.

To prepare the roses for the arrangement, I cut the ends of each stem at an angle. I didn’t immediately remove the leaves from the stems as I wanted to use the stem (with the leaves) to add foliage and volume to the bouquet. Take a stem of rose and measure it against the vase and cut the excess stem off. Keep the excess stem. Repeat with every stem of roses. Then place the roses into the vase, and filled it with the excess stems with leaves still on to create volume and to add foliage to the arrangement.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day with light pink rose bouquet and strawberry shortbread

Valentine’s Day