Hello there!!

I’m Valerie and I’m a bride-to-be.

The name “SilkCreamRuffles” was inspired by a wedding dress that I saw at a wedding fair. It was a beautiful one shoulder silk dress in ivory. The one shoulder had ruffles trailing from the shoulder down to the front of the dress. My other half turned to me and smiled. He said, “That’s a stylish dress”. Alas, I didn’t get the dress, but the image of the trailing ruffles stayed in my head. So that’s how the name for the blog came about.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you creative ideas of my own and those that I come across on the web. In my search for the vendors for my own wedding, I’ve come across vendors with incredible talent and I hope to showcase them on the blog as a way of keeping track of them for myself (because there are so many talented people out there) and  also as a way of sharing their talent with you. I hope that the ideas and inspirations I feature on this blog will make you go, “I’d love to do/have that for my wedding!”. I hope you enjoy your visit!